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About DJ Sobel

I must say growing up in the Florida Keys allowed me to appreciate all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and basically made it to where I can relate to so many different types of people at any event. There's nothing more exciting than making people feel great inside and brining them together with music. There is something so remarkable when you do a great job at a wedding. You become like family to the bride & groom, make their special day even more incredible than they ever imagined, and you provide more than just good customer service or a vendor doing a job. 

I first got into music years ago. I began with focusing on karaoke, as I always enjoyed hearing a great singer, and being able to party all the time. It lead to really appreciating all genres of music. Now a days, no matter where you and your fiancee are from, I'll be able to adapt to your taste of music, I'll also bring the excitement to you and your guests like you never thought possible. 

I have almost 7 years under my belt now which is wild to say since time flies by so quickly. It's been amazing and I am so honored to have been able to be part of so many memories and family events. I truly love weddings, every one I DJ, I get the opportunity to be reminded of how important marriage is, how great is it to have an amazing bride of my own, and how blessed I am to have such an incredible profession!

My own music favorites are extensive. No matter if you want me to Sway my hips behind the DJ booth to your Salsa playlist, Get low with you to your Lil John selections, or even head bang with your fiancé to heavy metal, I am totally your guy.

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